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Our classes

Our classes are designed to be fun and inclusive, and cater to beginner and intermediate dancers, 15+ years (unless stated otherwise). A traditional belly dance class is low-impact and works the body gently from head to toe. Through our classes, you can also gain an understanding and appreciation of the history, music, and stylisation associated with Middle Eastern dance.

Prior to class, please complete the Lifestyle and Health History Questionnaire

About Ellie

Ellie began bellydancing in 2014, fell in love with it, and started performing soon after. She has studied traditional, modern, contemporary fusion, and theatrical styles of bellydance, and in 2018 began teaching weekly.

Ellie is certified in Keti Sharif's A-Z Original, Advanced, Teacher and Performer Bellydance methodology, and has been mentored by Miki Tsuchiya of Miki Bellydance, Singapore.

Ellie is also proud to be a Shimmy Mob team leader (since 2019), dancing each year with women across the globe and in the local community to raise awareness of domestic violence. In 2022, Ellie was selected as the choreography winner for Shimmy Mob. Dancers from across the globe learnt and danced her choreography.

Ellie has a PhD in mental health, and prides herself on providing a welcoming and safe environment for her students.

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